Jus  3 on 3 is a league for the players. Kids need to enjoy the sport to want to improve. Our league's key focus is FUN! This is an opportunity to develop basketball skills in a fun, low-stress environment. We encourage healthy competition in which kids play hard and play to win but not at the expense of belittling opponents, yelling at officials or displaying poor sportsmanship. We ask that players conduct themselves appropriately and exhibit good sportsmanship. We ask the same of parents and others who come to watch. Adults, please set a good example for the players.

We know sometimes it is difficult to refrain from "coaching" the teams during play. Certainly some of the younger teams may need help with rules and subbing, but please do not be coaching during play. Let the kids play and figure out some things on their own. So many players have told us they love to just play and know they aren't going to get yelled at!


- No coaching. Cheering, however, is encouraged.
- No swearing, taunting or other inappropriate verbal or physical behavior. Unsportsmanlike play can result in: 1) warning; 2) 2-minute sitting out; (ref discretion) and/or 3) ejection from the game, the evening or the entire league (site director discretion).
- Games are 20-minute running time. Time outs are not allowed. Unlimited substitution after made baskets or when ball is not in play.
- All players need completed liability waivers signed by a parent on file in order to participate. Subs are not allowed to play without this waiver on file also.
- A team MAY play with only 2 players. (3 on 2)
If a team chooses to play with subs (non-rostered players), the game will be reffed and scored. However, the game will be recorded as a forfeit : 10 – 0.
- Scoring: 2 points per basket inside the arc. 3 points per basket outside the arc.
- Free Throws: One shot will be given to a player who is fouled in the act of shooting. A missed free throw is a live ball (unless it is an airball). Players should line up per regular foul shot attempt. A free throw is worth 2 points. (*3 points for a 3 pointer, 1 point after a made basket)
- Bonus Free Throws: One shot (worth 2 points) will be given to a player fouled on the fifth foul and all subsequent fouls by the opponent. There is no double-bonus.
- Intentional fouls (no matter the time of the game) will result in 2 points PLUS the ball.
- If unnecessary or excessive fouls occur, the ref may impose a technical foul (2 points plus the ball.)
- Players have 6 seconds to shoot a free throw once the teams are lined up.
- Following a made basket or dead ball, the other team can check the ball in anywhere behind the arc.
- Both feet and the ball must go outside of the 3-pt line at a change of possession.
- A ball that goes out of bounds under the basket is checked in behind the arc. The half-court line is out of bounds.
- Defense gets all jump balls.
- 3 seconds in the lane. Refs will issue reminders. Excessive violations will result in a turn-over.
- A defensive rebound must be taken past the arc (this includes airballs). There are no "free backs". - No stalling. There will be a ref’s discretion 30-second shot clock. Failure to shoot in a 30-second period will result in loss of possession.
- "Paper, rock, scissors" (PRS) will determine which team gets the ball first. The court monitor assigned to your court will monitor PRS, ref your game, keep score, and record the outcome with the official scorekeeper.
- Ties will be settled with a sudden death free-throw shootout. Each team receives equal opportunities to shoot free throws until one team makes one and the other misses. New shooter each time.
- In leagues with end-of-season tournaments, seedings will be determined by 1) overall record; 2) head-to-head; 3) point differential over entire league
- League shirts should be worn.
- At the end of the games, it is good sportsmanship to shake hands with your opponents.
- Help to keep the facility clean. Please, pick up your garbage and help put chairs away at the end of the event.